The oil from Montoro-Adamuz, richer in natural antioxidants.

In this study, polyphenol values have been obtained which are more than double those in oils made from a single variety, namely Picual. This is thanks to the native Nevadillo Negro variety and the soil and climate conditions.

Adamuz, 3 February 2010  A characterisation study of the oils from the Designation of Origin Montoro-Adamuz has demonstrated their high content of polyphenols, which makes them products that are rich in natural antioxidant agents, providing very significant health benefits. Polyphenols are recognised as discriminant chemical markers of virgin oils, influenced by the environment and the variety of olive tree, contributing to the characterisation of the geographical production area of the EVOO from the DO Montoro-Adamuz.

The study compares the levels of phenolic compounds in the oils from the D.O. MONTORO-ADAMUZ with polyphenol levels in oils from other oil producing areas, where the picual variety of olive is predominant, and with bibliographical data about other varieties, in order to study the differences in the average phenolic content of the oils from this D.O. and link them to their agrological conditions.

The results obtained demonstrate the influence of the Nevadillo Negro variety on the composition of polyphenols in the oils from the D.O. Montoro-Adamuz, a reason why they are more stable in relation to oxidation compared to the single variety Picual olive oils, traditionally considered the most stable together with the oils from the cornicabra variety.They show an increase in the percentage levels of the major phenolic components, mainly HyEA (oleuropein aglycone) and TyEA (ligstroside aglycone), chemical glucose forms of Hydroxitosol and Tyrosol that are mainly responsible for the antioxidant strength of the oils.

Similarly, the soil and climatic conditions of the mountain olive grove in the geographical area of the DO Montoro-Adamuz force a situation of stress in the olive tree, which results in an increased concentration of phenolic content.The acidic and shallow soils, unique in Andalusia, accentuated by the water stress conditions of the olive groves in the district, come together with the early harvesting practices that have an impact on the high content of polyphenols in the oils.

All of this means that the oils from the DO Montoro-Adamuz have the greatest content of polyphenols compared to other oils produced in other areas, fundamentally from Picual, and are different to those. This fact helps explain the great chemical stability of the oils from Montoro-Adamuz, a characteristic which has meant that the extra virgin olive oils from this region have historically been valued.

The high content of polyphenols and natural antioxidant agents gives them some unique and extraordinary qualities, very beneficial for the health in the event of inflammation, thrombosis and other diseases such as arteriosclerosis and arterial hypertension, or in other words, they contribute to preventing cardiovascular risk.