Report in Mercacei

The latest issue of Mercacei Magazine has a special report on the 17th Montoro Olive Tree Trade Fair, in which, as you know, PDO Montoro-Adamuz has a particularly important role.

Over the six pages of this report, the publisher specialising in the olive oil industry gives a detailed description of the characteristics of the mountain olive grove which is characteristic of our PDO, situated in the municipal towns of Montoro, Adamuz, Espiel, Hornachuelos, Obejo, Villaharta, Villanueva del Rey and Villaviciosa de Córdoba.

It highlights our sustainable agricultural practices and traditional harvesting techniques which try, as many of you know, to prevent soil erosion with natural plant cover.

The report also points out the origin of the high polyphenol content of our extra virgin olive oil: “The soil and climatic conditions of the mountain olive groves, situated on acidic, poor and shallow soils, are an exception within the olive groves of southern Spain that, together with the high levels of evapotranspiration and amount of sunshine that provoke stress in the plant, lead to a high content of polyphenols in the oil”. It also adds a mention of the careful cultivation and harvesting of our fruit.

It provides an overview of the health benefits of the high content of polyphenols and antioxidant agents in our extra virgin olive oil; emphasising our work in quality certification.

The report includes an interview with our technical director, Antonio Terán, which you can read below, in which he responds to questions regarding the mountain olive grove and the industry’s prospects.

DOP MONTORO ADAMUZ_El lineal 53.qxd


Without a doubt this report is a big boost to our efforts to promote our extra virgin olive oil, something that is fundamental for our competitiveness in the domestic and international markets.

Mercacei is one of the leading publishing groups with the greatest prestige within the industry, involving notable collaborators and experts from the world of olive oil and winningnumerous international awards for its informative work.