Oleocanthal the miraculous polyphenol

laboratorioA polyphenol in extra virgin olive oil kills cancerous cells in less than an hour. A study carried out by researchers from Rutgers University and the Hunter College of the City Universityof New York in America, and published in the journal “Molecular &Cellular Oncology” demonstrates this. The polyphenol Oleocanthal OC is found in extra virgin olive oil, obtained by cold extraction at less than 27º C, as long as they are maintained at optimal conditions of preservation.

The researchers decided to study in vitro the effects of the OC on cancerous cells (pancreas, breast and prostate) and healthy cells. The cells that die suffer apoptosis, a type of suicide that lasts between 12 and 24 hours.

Oleocanthal penetrates the membrane of the cancerous cell and destroys its lysosome. This is why the study says that “attacking the stability of the lysosomal membrane offers a new approach to inducing the death of cancerous cells”.

In a high quality EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) the concentration of Oleocanthal molecules is 0.2 mg/ml, so a person weighing around 90 kg should ingest 450 mg of OC, which equates to 2.25 litres of oil. The dose used in the study with mice is very high so it is calculated that taking EVOO continuously throughout your life could have a beneficial effect on health.

vaso-cata- aceitunasThe EVOO from the P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) Montoro-Adamuz, according to the results obtained in the latest studies by the Institute of Fats and Fat Derivatives in Seville and the Predimed study, are the EVOO that contain the highest quantity of polyphenols and therefore are the most beneficial to health.

The combination of factors such as the altitude of the olive grove, the extreme soil and climatic characteristics of the geographical area, together with the endemic variety of the native picual “Nevadillo Negro” olive gives the extra virgin olive oils from the P.D.O. Montoro-Adamuz an exceptionally high quality and makes them the richest in thesephenolic components and therefore rich in Oleocanthal OC.


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