Montoro-Adamuz in Gastronight Cordoba

All of us who have tried the gastronomic products from Cordoba (and those of us who are lucky enough to enjoy them every day) know that they are of excellent quality. However, this positioning has been achieved thanks to the choice of Cordoba as Ibero-American Capital of Gastronomic Culture.

Within the activities programmed to celebrate this honour, this weekend an event of special importance will take place and PDO Montoro-Adamuz has the honour of being part of it: Gastronight Cordoba.


During the evening of Friday 12th September, Cordoba will enjoy its own products more than ever in what will be an unforgettable festival of gastronomy.

Designed to be a tribute to the Cordoban designations of origin (PDO Montoro-Adamuz, PDO Baena, PDO Priego de Córdoba, PDO Aceite de Lucena, PDO Los Pedroches and PDO Montilla-Morilles), Gastronight offers those attending a series of gastronomic routes through 200 of the city’s restaurants.

aceite_oliva_montoro_adamuzAs the other participating designations of origin, PDO Montoro-Adamuz will have its own marquee in the Plaza de Las Tendillas in Cordoba where those taking part will be able to taste our excellent extra virgin olive oil.

This is the starting point for the “Montoro-Adamuz Route”, which passes through the streets: Sevilla, Málaga, Plaza Emilio Luque, Plaza San Juan, Valladares, Fernández Ruano, Puerta Almodóvar, Almanzor, Plaza Cardenal Salazar and Romero. Along the way the public can stop off at participating establishments and taste the best recipes prepared with extra virgin olive oil.

In addition, those who wish to do so can register in our marquee for the “Discover the origin of extra virgin olive oil” tasting, in which the four designations of origin of oil in the province of Cordoba will participate.

Undoubtedly the gastronomy of our region owes a lot to olive oil, and not just the unmistakable flavour and aroma that it gives to dishes. The extra virgin olive oil from the PDO Montoro-Adamuz is a very specific oil from the sensory viewpoint and has great aromatic complexity; being the result of a natural blend of the Picual variety and the native Nevadillo Negro.

It also provides our gastronomy with countless highly beneficial properties such as the high content of polyphenols in our oil, which make it one of the healthiest foods in our diet.