Exporting quality

2014 is turning out to be a good year for Andalusian exports and within these transactions, even though it sounds like a cliché, extra virgin olive oil is once again the star.

And, of course, extra virgin olive oil from the PDO Montoro-Adamuz, with its high content of polyphenols, occupies a privileged position in the export statistics.

Countries such as Japan, the United States, China, France and Canada are already enjoying the golden liquid that comes from the Cordoban Sierra Morena. This is due, among other reasons, to the great export work carried out by the food cooperative DCOOP, global leader in the production of extra virgin olive oil and by Lagar de Quirós, a family business whose packaging facility is located in the town of Montoro.

The valuable work of these two organisations is just one of the reasons because there is another key factor behind the strong performance of our exports that we should not forget: the high quality of our oils.

Their high content of vitamin E and high level of natural polyphenols, which can reach up to 2500 mg/kg, represent a source of antioxidants that is ten times higher than the minimum consumption recommended by the European Union, making our extra virgin olive oil a natural source of health benefits.

Quality seems to be a determining factor in the growth of exports of Acorsa Select oil, distributed by Catalan Gourmet in the United States and selling at an average price of 9.99 dollars.In particular in New York, this oil is on sale in different prestigious gourmet food chains in the Big Apple, such as Garden of Eden, Chelsea Market, Morton Williams and Freshco Market.


exportaciones-aceite-oliva-montoro-cordoba-andalucia-estados-unidos exportaciones-aceite-oliva-montoro-cordoba-estados-unidos-nueva-yorkIn the case of Japan, DCOOP has introduced the new brand Unioliva añ, packaged in Cordoba, together with different products from the ALISA brand range (which is continuing to increase its sales), into the main chain of Japanese supermarkets, the AEON GROUP.

This is undoubtedly another example showing that the quality of our extra virgin olive oil is our best ambassador in both Spain and the rest of the world.

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